Wednesday, April 12, 2006

If you have only 10 minutes….
Please send an email to one of the listed agencies or offices.

If you have more time…
Please write a maximum 1-page handwritten letter. Anecdotal and personal stories are encouraged. Please find talking points below, but let your own stories, interactions and experiences in New Orleans East guide your letter. Please contact as many of the below agencies as you are willing to write to.

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality
Officeof Environmental Services
Water and Waste Permits Division
Post Office Box 4313
Baton Rouge LA 70821-4313

Mayor C. Ray Nagin
New Orleans City Hall
1300 Perdido Street
New Orleans, LA 70112
Contact the Mayors Office
click on Contact Us and Contact Mayor C. Ray Nagin

City Council*

Please check your city council person at:
Find and Contact Your City Council Reprentative
*For the city council, please include a line thanking them for their resolution urging Mayor Nagin to recind his decision regarding the landfill location

State Senator**

Please check your State Senator at
Find and Contact Your State Senator

State Representative**
Please check your State Representative at
Find and Contact Your State Reprenstative

Senator Mary Landrieu
Please check the appropriate office to mail and email Senator Mary Landrieu at
Contact Mary Landrieu

Senator David Vitter
Please check the appropriate office to mail and email Senator David Vitter at
Contact David Vitter

**Please ensure you contact the Senator and Representative where you live.

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